Monday, May 25, 2015

Mommy Monday - 17 Month Old/Toddler

My baby is 17 Months Old!! Where has the time gone? I have a toddler now, she's a little person!! Kaley has the BEST personality and is so happy and playful, she makes me laugh ALL the time.

Even when she finds one of my lipglosses. ;)

Here's her update.

Any potty training tips are appreciated!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to Keep Your Lashes Curled

One of the makeup tips that I have always had a hard time mastering is how to keep my lashes curled all day. It's that tip that I've heard for YEARS, but just couldn't get it right. I won't even begin to tell you how many eyelash curlers I've bought! I know that using waterproof mascara helps, but honestly I hate it and wanted to find a way to keep my eyelashes curled all day without mascara. 

Enter my friend YouTube. I swear if I'm not googling and answer to something then I'm on YouTube trying to find a how to video for it.Wayne Goss answers the questions - How to use an eyelash curler and How can I keep my eyelashes curled all day?

My lashes stay curled even AFTER I wash off all my makeup. I've never had that happen before. I get why this is such an important tip now!! I love 'looking awake' when I've barely slept. 

What beauty eludes you? 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My April Favorites

Long time no see my friends! April is always a pretty busy month for me. There were lots of birthdays and celebrations. I'm also an April baby so I received a lot of goodies, several that are a part of my April Favorites. 

Here are a few of my April Favorites:
Tarte Palette in Showstopper
Tarte Blush in Prim
Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner
Younique Splurge Cream Shadow in Dainty
Younique Stiff Upper Lip Stains

Check out my video to see all of my April favorites.

What were your favorite beauty products for the month of April?