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Mommy Monday - Slime Factory

We visited the Slime Factory in Edison, NJ a few weeks ago and I wanted to share our experience with you. We did have to make a reservation and their hours are quite limited right now, but they have availability every day of the week. 

We did the full experience for $25, which includes making two different slimes with toppings and scents. You also have access to the gooey slime pool. 

First, you are taught how to make the slime. 

You add the color to your slime. 

Then you add your scent and toppings. I forgot to take a picture of this process, but this 
the final result of her slime. She did get 4 containers worth, but two leaked in the car on the way home. Oops!!

At the end, she got to play with the pool of slime and I get the feeling this was her favorite part.

Overall, this was a pretty cool experience, but the employees working at the time could have done a better job. I felt like there were several times where we were just sitting there with no idea what we were supposed to do next because they were so busy having their own private conversations. 


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