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Did I Just Find the BEST Drugstore Liquid Lipstick?!?

I was browsing my local Walgreens the other day and my darling husband chased after our toddler to the toy aisle and I came across a BEAUTIFUL display of liquid lipstick by Wet N Wild.

The Wet n Wild liquid lipsticks are currently limited edition (Fall 2016), but I do believe they will be adding some to their regular line soon. *fingers crossed*

This collection includes 4 colors: Too Tulip to Quit (fushia), Take it Like a Vamp (dark burgundy), How Fleek is Your Love (a bright red), and Don't Be a Plum-Plum (Red/Brown).

Photo Credit: LisaAlaMode

I purchased Don't Be a Plum-Plum as I thought it looks like the perfect color for fall. 

 I am SOO impressed with this liquid lipstick!!

The price is $2.99, the pigment is beautiful and not streaky, and the color lasts for at least 5 hours. The only "con" would be that I found that it took a WHILE to dry down to a matte finish, a while meaning 5 minutes, but that's longer than I'm used to. I'm not sure if this "con" applies to all colors, but just be careful after you apply the liquid lipstick and give it ample time to dry.

Hands down this is the best liquid lipstick from the drugstore!! As of right now you can find these lipsticks in the display section of your local drugstore where Wet n Wild products are sold. 

Are you a liquid lipstick fan? Will you be doing the drugstore hunt for these?? 


  1. I picked up two of these Liquid lipsticks about a month ago and I love them so much. Great review!


    1. Thanks so much for checking out my blow. I will be checking yours out soon. :)

  2. I 've seen this brand around for a while, mostly for eye make up but did not know they had lip products too - what a great find !

    1. They make some really amazing products. I'm not a big fan of their foundation/concealer, but everything else is pretty good. I'm currently loving their highlighters and eyebrow kit.


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