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Maybelline The Elixir

Once summer comes I tend to neglect my lipsticks, lipgloss is where it's at for me! I received this lip gloss in a Target beauty box and tossed it to the side for a while. A few days ago I saw it in my makeup drawer and decided to finally try it. 

Maybelline The Elixir in Rose Rendered

 Fall under the spell of the elixir effect
Hyper-saturated color, ultra cushiony feel
The new hypnotic lip sensation

  • A trio of concentrates delivers the color of a lipstick, the cushiony care of a balm, and the glass shine of a gloss.
  • Our exclusive smoothing angora brush delivers a polished , even application and smoothing sensation to lips,
Maybelline Website

Maybelline Elixir Swatch
The color is absolutely stunning. 
Here's my Maybelline Elixir Review:
This lipgloss does feel like a lipgloss/balm mix. It's hydrating, pigment, and has a smooth texture on your lips. This isn't a sticky gloss, but you can feel that you have it on your lips. This doesn't last a very long time for me, 2 hours tops, but that's what I expect from a lipgloss. It has a sweet taste and smell, like candy to me. I have no idea when was the last time I bought a Maybelline lipgloss, but I may change that. I'm impressed! 

Are you a fan of Maybelline lipglosses?

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