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Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

I feel like dry shampoo is that person that I want to be friends with, but somehow we never quite manage to get along. Anyone else know what I mean? I like what it's supposed to do, but it rarely works out that well for me. The whole point of dry shampoo is to go another day or two without washing your hair. Dry shampoos rarely do this for me because 1. the white residue it leaves behind is so OBVIOUS & 2. it usually feels like I added several cans of product to my hair. The result - I end up washing my hair. Pretty pointless if you ask me.

The Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo for dark hair has changed that for me. 

Since it's made for dark hair I don't have to worry about that terrible white crown of dry shampoo. Also the main ingredient in this is corn starch, which feels really light in my hair. Finally a dry shampoo that actually works for me!! I won't say that my hair feels freshly washed with this dry shampoo. Note: is that even POSSIBLE without washing your hair? I can say that this definitely lets me go a day or two without washing my hair, without anyone being the wiser.

You can buy this at Ulta. Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo

Do you dry shampoo?? What's your favorite kind?


  1. when I was In holland I used to buy this brand I was crazy about it I had their dry shampoo the white one and I wa quite pleased with my black hair. Not that they have for dark hair sounds amazing. But they don't sell the brand over here


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