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Acne Skincare Tip - Part 1 | #acne #skincaretips

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Liquid Liner

Once I get into a makeup routine I am always trying to find new ways to improve it. I'm really into winged liner at the moment and I'm always trying to find a way to get a cleaner liner. Felt tip liquid liners usually accomplish that for me, however they usually aren't as dark as I would like them to be. I decided to give the new Hard Candy liquid liner a try, hoping it would prove me wrong. 

Hard Candy Felt Tip Liner in Little Black Dress

A felt tip liner lets you create several looks - natural, winged, and bold. 

Professional felt-tip eyeliner for intense, precise application. 

Let's take a closer look at the liner. The tip is really thin and firm. 

 I like liquid liner in pen form, I feel like I have more control over the line I am drawing. 
The color on this is buildable and if you draw a bold line the color is very black. 

I like this liner. I would say it's slightly above average. It's easy to use, the color can be built up to be dark, it's affordable, and it lasts a long time without smudging or fading. So why am I so meh about this..? I found myself wiping off the tip of this liner a few times during application, my eyeshadows seem to stick to this liner a LOT. Not a big deal if you don't have eyeshadow on, but I usually only apply liner when I am wearing eyeshadow. I'm not a fan of products that are supposed to make my life easier, but actually make makeup application more complicated. 

Tell me - what's your favorite liquid liner? 


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