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Drugstore Gem - Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Liner

I have been a LONG time fan of the Wet n Wild gel liner. LONG TIME!! I've never had any issues with it, until a few months ago it started smudging and and disappearing. My heart was broken!! How dare Wet n Wild do that to me? I LOVED you!!

I had to begin the hunt for a new drugstore gel liner love. Enter - Maybelline Eye Studio!!

The color is PIGMENTED. This liner lasts all day, even with watery eyes due to a cold. It comes with a brush that I really like, it allows me to make a thin or thick line. 
The bonus - it's from the drugstore!! I paid about $7 for this!!

This is one pass of the liner. I'm not that great at putting on eyeliner (I will get there!!! More YouTube tutorials please!), but I think you can see that the color is pretty pigmented and the brush allowed me to make a decent wing. If you press a little harder, use more product the color can be much darker like the swatches above.

Tell me what's your favorite drugstore gel liner!! I MUST know.

Oh and please feel free to share any YouTube eyeliner tutorials with me. ;)

You can buy your Maybelline Gel Liner anywhere Maybelline is sold.
Maybelline Gel Liner

I hope you enjoyed my Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner review!


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