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Mommy Monday - YOU NEED this winter coat!

You notice how I put the YOU in the title in all caps..? YOU need this coat! You find ways to keep your baby warm no matter what, but this makes things easier for YOU.

Cozywoggle is a coat that is safe to use in a car seat. I know what you're's not possible!! Oh, but it is!! Check out this video below to see how this coat is safe for the car seat, keeps your baby warm, AND makes things easier for you.

I will admit that this take a few tries to learn how to use this quickly. My tip is to unzip right BEFORE you put them in the car so you're not moving your baby back and forth a ton.

This is one of those - Why didn't I think of that inventions..?

What gadget/item is a must have for you and your baby?

Note: This is not a sponsored post!! This coat is just too awesome to keep to myself.


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