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Mommy Monday - 1 Year Update

Happy Monday!! I'm sorry I was away for so long!! Between the holidays and Kaley's ear infection it was difficult to find time to blog! I did keep up with my Instagram (name - wickedlashlady) and Facebook, so if you don't follow me there you should. ;)

So...I have a 1 year old. 

I have to admit that I feel duped. I heard a lot of  'don't worry it will get easier'. What?!? Kaley was a BREEZE as an infant, as a toddler...not so much. Don't get me wrong she's FREAKING amazing, but boy is she a handful now. Leaving a room without her is a no go. Eating..nope! Shower...sometimes! She gets into everything and if you tell her no she has fits. For now I'm just riding the fits out, because quite honestly I don't know what else to do. I know she's at an age that she's testing her boundaries, but I also know it's where she starts learning discipline.  If I give into her every want I'm toast!!

Weight - 21-lbs
Height - 31 inches
Sleep 10-11 hours a night. One 2 hour nap a day if we are lucky. The nap thing has been a struggle too. She's suddenly decided she only wants one nap, but I can tell she NEEDS two. She's tired and cranky. 
Eating - She's on whole milk now and has about 18 ounces of it a day. Goodbye expensive formula!!!  Until about a week ago she would eat anything and everything you put in front of her, but lately she only wants milk, fruit, and her snacks.
Talking - She says 'what's dat' to everything and it's freaking adorable!! She will even use her hands to gesture towards the thing/person and then shrug like she's asking a question!! Love it!! She also says the 'normal' words when she wants to - mama, dada, baba...she also says duck, baby, ball..and a few other words I can't think of right now.
Mobility - She takes a step or two on her own, but for right now she seems completely content with crawling. 
Personality - She is so genuinely SWEET & happy. She wakes up smiling..who does that?!? lol She gives kisses and if you're really lucky you will get one of her big hugs. She laughs at everything and tries her best to get you to do the same, she tries to tickle you! She loves being around other little kids, but takes a few minutes to warm up to adults.

Long story short. Being a mom is hard and my toddler is awesome...boogers and all!

P.S. Any tips on how to handle the nap, eating, or fit thing would be appreciated.


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