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Is Somebody Gonna Match My Freak? | #makeuplover #ulta

Ipsy January Bag - Fresh Start

The theme of this month's bag is Fresh Start, which is perfect for a January bag!! I don't know about you, but I definitely want a fresh start! I am in constant declutter mode lately. It's quite dangerous.

 Moving on to the good stuff! ;)

This bag is a different color on each side. CUTE!!

It's funny because I opened this bag and thought ehh at first.. Now I'm so excited about it! These are all items I don't already own & I haven't heard of most of them. I LOVE trying new things. Duh!! That's the whole point behind Ipsy.

 Pacifica Coconut Eye Shadow in Ethereal
I was a little confused by the name coconut in the description because I thought that was the name of the color. Isn't this a beautiful color?

Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush
A hot pink brush? Yes please!!

I've never heard of this, but quite honestly I'm a little scared to try it. I know a lot of the lash growth serums discolor your eyelid. 

Eco-Beauty. Good Day. Day Moisturizer
I've never heard of this brand, but I love trying new moisturizers! 

Probelle Nail Laquer in Into the Blue
Hello beautiful!!

Another exciting Ipsy bag!!

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