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Mommy Monday - Purse Essentials

Kaley has gotten to an age where I don't need to carry her diaper bag everywhere. For most days I carry my regular purse and just carry a few of Kaley's must have items. However her stuff can be bulky and it makes things hard to find in my purse.

Here are the items I carry in purse for Kaley.

Parents Choice Formula and Snack Dispenser

I love that you can break this apart and only carry as much as you need. I often only need to bring 1 container and that takes up very little room in my purse.

Sprout Baby Food

These pouches take up very little room in my bag, you don't need a bowl/spoon, and Kaley loves these flavors.

Diaper Clutch

Diapers easily get crushed in a purse and that makes them really hard to find. This clutch keeps all of her diapers and wipes in one place.

This clutch was made by Diana at DCBijou

What are the baby essentials that make your life easier?


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