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Mommy Monday - A Sick Baby

Ever since I went back to work I feel like Kaley has been getting sick a lot more often. :(

For the past week the three of us have been battling a cold. 
Here are a few items I've found useful lately.

  • Vicks Starry Night Cool Mist Humidifier
  • Vicks VapoPads for the humidifier
  • Little Noses Saline Drops
  • Little Noses Suction 
The humidifier and vapopads allow us all to breathe better at night and sleep better. The saline drops and nose suction allow to me to get all the mucus out of Kaley's nose so she can resume being her regular happy self.

Have you noticed a theme..?? Yup..boogers!! lol  They are everywhere!

We recently tried a nose freida, but I didn't really like it. 

Any tips on how to get her to take medicine..? She refuses to take any!! When she does she will ALWAYS spit it out. :(

What are your must haves for when your baby is sick?


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