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Mommy Monday - Appreciating Your Support System

I always knew how important my grandfather was to my life, but when I became a parent I truly understood what he did for my life. I grew up with divorced parents and a father who traveled often for work, so my mother and grandfather were my 'every day people'. It's so easy to overlook and not appreciate your support system. Yesterday was Father's Day and it saddened me to see how little mind people paid to it. Granted I don't believe that you need a certain day to celebrate your parents, but even in the commercial sense there wasn't a lot said about it. What kind of example does this set..? Moms are great and dad's are just there? My husband is an amazing father and I know that he will continue to be. Families all look so different now and we all need to learn how to appreciate that more. As an adult I not only have my mother's voice in my head when I'm trying to figure out major issues, but also my grandfather's. Children will look up to those who are around them constantly for guidance, choose wisely and appreciate all that they are doing for your children.

I didn't want to repeat myself too much in this entry and video. Please watch my video below and see me elaborate more on all that I spoke on above.
Note: This video and post were supposed to be titled appreciating your partner, but I realized how that excluded so many situations so I changed it.


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