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Mommy Monday - Don't waste your money!

As a new parent you read all the baby books and follow all the guides for what to buy your new baby. My husband and I read the books, but didn't really follow the guides for what to buy and we still ended up with stuff we don't use. I am a minimalist when it comes to Kaley. I really do try my best to not buy her things she doesn't need or I at least make sure they are a 9 on the cuteness scale.

Here are a few things we bought for Kaley that she doesn't use.

1. The snuggle nest. 
I wanted to have her close for the first few months and I thought this would be a great fit. Wrong! Every time we put this on the bed she would lean to one side and I always felt like this was about to tip over. Also the light on top shines right in her face, not good when you're trying to soothe baby back to sleep. Now this MAY work better for babies that aren't born 9-lbs, but I don't think it would last very long.

2. No scratch mittens.
What a joke!!! Kaley was like Houdini with these things, she would get them off in 10 seconds or less. I found that cutting her nails every 2 days keeps most of the scratches away. Tip: Socks work even better than no scratch mittens since they have more stretch and are harder to remove.

 3. Shoes.
They are so darn cute, but so easy to lose! Kaley has worn shoes about 5 times in her 5 months. Adorable yes, but they serve no purpose. Save your money and wait until your baby needs them.

What are some baby products you found to be a waste of money? 


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