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Budget Beauty Deals for the Week of May 26, 2024 | #drugstore #drugstoremakeup #beautyinfluencer

BeautyCon NYC - My Experience

I went to BeautyCon NYC this weekend with Mel from Fabulously Thrifty & we had a great time!
I spoke all about my BeautyCon experience in the video below & whether or not YOU should atttend the next BeautyCon. Quick Recap - Go if you want to learn more about the industry. If you are going to meet a certain YouTuber you probably won't be able to spend a lot of time with them due to the time constraints. I would say you would probably get 5 minutes at the MOST with this person.

Mel wrote about her BeautyCon experience too. 

Have you attended BeautyCon? Share your experience with me.


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