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Mommy Monday - Your 3 New WEIRD Habits

When you have a baby it seems as if all people ever do is talk about the baby, but you're still here too. Becoming a mom means you suddenly develop three new weird habits. No one seems to know how this happens, but it does!

1. The smell of puke no longer makes you also want to puke. Seriously..your baby can and WILL throw up all over you at some point and your first reaction will be "Oh my GOD! Is she ok?!?!", NOT "Damn it! Why does she always drink so much!" like it used to be back in college/drinking days.

2. You are constantly smelling someone else's butt to see if they 'went'. Nothing else needs to be said about this, it's weird.

3. Your hearing seems to be playing tricks on you. I'm serious!! Quick is that the baby crying while you're in the shower? 

What three weird habits do you have?


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