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Makeup Academy Lipsticks

Part of my MUA haul included lipsticks and at $1.64 each I think these are a great find.

Shade 7, Matte in Scarlett Siren, and Matte in Peachy Keen

Shade 7, Matte in Scarlett Siren, and Matte in Peachy Keen

These lipsticks even have a separate part with MORE lipstick! 
Can someone please tell me why since it doesn't bring an extra top to cover it?
 These lipsticks have sleek packaging, come in a variety of colors, and don't have any scent.
I have to be honest and say that there isn't anything very special about these. These lipsticks don't last any longer than the average lipstick and the colors aren't anything new, but for $1.64 I would say these are a pretty good find. If you're looking to buy some new lipsticks at a VERY affordable price then this is the brand to try. 


  1. They look pretty and I am so tempted with the price which is very affordable. But I guess I have to pass on this one for I prefer long lasting lippies for I hate applying lipstick all the time.

    1. I can understand that. Their lip lacquers last a really long time.

  2. That's so cool about the little pot of extra lipstick. I think that's to show the color of teh lipstick while it's still closed so people don't open the tubes in store. And they have a clever way of doing that- by just putting an extra little pot of it at teh bottom, which you can use as well!


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