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Herbal Essences Naked - Dry Shampoo

 refresh your strands, water not necessary. with natural tapioca, my formula absorbs oil and rejuvenates dirty hair for a clean feeling. invigorate your strands with the scent of white grapefruit and mint and feel naturally beautiful without parabens or dyes.
 Herbal Essences website

I have a love/hate with dry shampoos. I love what they are SUPPOSED to do, but hate what I usually end up getting. I've tried MANY dry shampoos and only 1-2 have actually worked on me without me having to scrub the white residue off or be overwhelmed by the intense flowery smell. This dry shampoo is OK..just OK. It does refresh your hair without a ton of white residue and the scent is light and fresh, unfortunately it doesn't absorb a lot of oil so it only helps your hair 'get by' for a few hours. Now if you need something to get a funky smell (smoke, BBQ, or whatever) out of your hair then this is the dry shampoo for you.

Tip: On the Herbal Essences website there were MANY complaints about the packaging of this dry shampoo and how after one use the product no longer dispensed. You should not store dry shampoos in your bathroom, the dampness causes some changes to the product and it no longer sprays out properly or at all. I think the dampness in the bathroom causes the product to evaporate since the purpose of dry shampoos is to absorb oil/moisture.

What's your favorite dry shampoo?


  1. Currently I am using the garnie volume boost dry shampoo and I like it. I am almost running out, so I got the Suave Professionals dry shampoo. I haven't tried it yet, but I got it since it is a fraction of the price of the garnier one ;o


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