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Maybelline - Master Hi-Light Blush in Coral

Light-boosting blushes and bronzers. Because those in the know don’t overglow. 
Why You'll Love It -  Each light-boosting blush and bronzer palette has an expert balance of 4 shades + shimmer for a natural glow. Skin goes soft-lit with zero glitz. 
4 Blush Combinations for natural-looking color and illumination. 
 2 Bronzer Combinations for a balanced bronze glow. 
Fragrance Free. Non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types. 
-Maybelline Website

There was something about this blush I could NOT resist. I think it's probably all of the gorgeous shades of coral all in one place. Coral is my favorite color for blush. 

How pretty is this blush..??

Each blush comes with a mirror and brush.

Swatch - I rubbed my finger across all of the colors and this was the result. Pretty, right?

I'm impressed with this blush. The color is pigmented and I have several color options in one place. I can't say I'm that familiar with Maybelline blushes, but if they are all like this I will be buying more! 

Will you be buying any blushes from this collection?


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