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Affordable Nude Lip Liners for Medium/Tan Skin #lipliner #beautyinfluencer

Maybelline – The Buffs Lipstick in Maple Kiss

Raw. Real. Pigments explode with sensuous impact…sensational Best nude lipstick Buff lip color Why You'll Love It - True naked pigments for honest flesh tone color Uniquely sensuous feel from our precious oils.- Maybelline Website

I was so excited to hear that Maybelline came out with a collection of all Nude lipsticks. Nude lipsticks are my favorite, but getting the right color for your skintone can be hard. Maybelline came out with 10 new shades with this collection. Unfortunately I was unable to find the nude color I really wanted to try (Truffle Tease) so I bought a darker 'nude' color - Maple Kiss. Note: I'm still unsure of why they have a few colors in this collection that are clearly not nude.

925 - Maple Kiss

The texture of this lipstick is the same as all other Maybelline lipsticks - moisturizing and pigmented. This also has the usual Maybelline lipstick smell, which can be quite overwhelming for some. I have to say that is my only real issue with Maybelline lipsticks - the smell. I'm ok with the scent for a few hours then it becomes too much.

Overall - If the smell of the Maybelline lipsticks doesn't bother you then I highly suggest you buy a few of these for your makeup collection.

Will you be buying any of the new Maybelline lipsticks from the Buffs Collection?

There is a great review with pictures of all of the lipsticks plus swatches here - Ommorphia Beauty Bar


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