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ELF - Mineral Facial Cleanser

Indulge your skin in rich cleansing moisture for a noticeably brighter and smooth complexion. The water-activated, powder based cleanser works to clean and exfoliate the skin for a beautiful healthy glow. Infused with active minerals and skin nourishing ingredients Aloe, Green Tea, Jojoba Avocado and Vitamin E, this gentle and calming cleanser revitalizes skin for a younger looking feel. 
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I know the idea of a water activated cleanser is new to a lot of us, but I love the idea of this! How convenient this must be to travel with. Here's a look at what the powder looks like.

You add a few drops of water and rub your hands together and this is the result. This is not a cleanser that lathers a lot.

So does it work?
I would put this on the same level as Cetaphil. This is a gentle cleanser that will not aggravate your skin or acne.  This cleanser will not remove makeup or treat acne. I find this to be a great cleanser for the morning when my skin isn't dirty, but I need to get light layer of oil off from my skin that has accumulated overnight. Personally this cleanser isn't anything special to me, but I think this would be an amazing cleanser for those with dry skin because of how gentle and non-drying it is.

Will you be trying this cleanser? 


  1. I use the FANCL and DHC powder cleansers, so gentle and great after using oil cleansers to prevent clogged pores. I like the sound of this one!


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