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Gratitude Monday

Happy Monday!!
I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend!! I'm sorry for not posting as much as usual, but I finally 'feel pregnant' now and the energy levels have definitely gone down.

Today I am grateful for..

-Being able to sleep semi-comfortably last night. Sleeping for more than an hour has been HARD to come by and the fact that I slept 6 hours last night feels pretty good. 
-Hypnobabies. I know that not everyone knows what this is and I promise to go into more detail tomorrow about it. Hypnobabies is a MAJOR reason why I have been able to get any sleep at all and it helps me relax. 
-Other new moms. I have two friends who VERY recently had babies and they have been offering me so much advice and I have found it incredibly helpful.
-A husband who understands: that I need help putting on my shoes, picking up things from the floor, can no longer reach the back burner on the stove, and MANY other things.

-Those who check on me regularly, just because. 

What are you grateful for today?


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