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Wet N Wild Fergie's Jet-Set Palette

Have you heard the new Wet N Wild news..?? They have just released two Walgreens exclusive jumbo sized palettes that retail for $30 each!!! I was able to snag one of the palettes at my Walgreens and this is something you MUST see!

This set contains 132 shades! 72 eyeshadows, 48 lip colors/glosses, 6 blushes, 3 face powders, 3 eye pencils, and 1 mirror!

I have found that the palette is a bit tricky to open to get to the lip glosses, they are located under the eyeshadows and it's easy to make a mess if you're not careful. I am still playing with the colors and swatching a bit, but so far the eyeshadows and blush are pretty amazing. Swatches coming soon!

Note: I've heard that this palette will be 25% off on Oct. 5th for Walgreens night of beauty.


  1. Thank you for this post. I have been excited from the moment I heard about this palette to see it up close and personal. Are you planning on getting the other palette?

    1. Thanks for checking out this blog entry! I wanted the other palette more than this one, but so far I have been unable to find it. When I finally see it I will have to compare it to this one and see how similar they are before I decide.

  2. woow so many shades, like the blush choice


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