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Gratitude Monday

Happy Monday!!! I hope you all had an amazing week and weekend!!

I find that being grateful for the little and big things makes life pretty amazing. :)
Here are a few things I am currently grateful for..

The women in my family. They are all so strong and beautiful!! 
This is us on Saturday at my niece's 16th birthday. Happy Birthday Kiki!!
(my sister, niece, mom, and me.)

My hubby. He supports me in everything that I do & has been so calm when things have gotten a bit scary in this pregnancy. I promise to fill you in soon!

Couponing at it's best!! We are now fully stocked on size 1 diapers due to coupons and great deals. We are officially starting on size 2 diapers. :) 

What are you grateful for?


  1. you look pretty in your pregnancy , so sweet your hubby supports you.


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