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Tummy Tuesday - 23 Weeks

Note: This picture was taken at the end of a VERY long day. I actually started the day with heels & a cute cardigan, but the heat got the best of me. This is one of the first maternity dresses I's still too

How far along?  23 weeks! I will be 24 weeks tomorrow. The baby is the size of a large mango. Note: I LOVE mango!! 

Total weight gain/measurements: As of my last doctor's appointment two weeks ago I was up 7-8 pounds. I am sure I have gained at least 10-lbs in total by now, but the scale and I aren't really friends so that's just a guess. 

Maternity clothes: The hunt is on!!! I have officially started to grow out of my regular tops and many of the maternity clothes I have come across I do not like. I know a lot of women stretch their current wardrobe, but it's important to me to look my best. I know it comes off as vain, but looking good helps me feel good. The only real maternity clothes I am wearing right now are jeans. I'm still on the hunt for cute tops.

Stretch marks: None so far. I expect them around the 30 week mark..just a  I am still using Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream.  
Sleep: Sleep feels like a long lost friend this week. I am starting to have a hard time getting comfortable, which means it takes me a LONG time to fall asleep each night. Somehow I still seem to be functioning quite well, but I know this can't continue. I think it's time to give the pregnancy pillow another try.

Best moment this week: Shea responding to when I or her daddy speak. I see a big lump move around in my belly, I'm not sure if it's her head or
 Miss anything? Regular tops. Sleep. Wine.  Not exactly in that

Movement: Lots! I can feel her move around all day now. I still feel like she is the most active around 7pm-10pm.
Food cravings: None really. I kind of miss the fruit addiction, made eating healthy so much easier.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nada.  

Gender:  All girl!!!

Symptoms: My allergies are still BAD!! I feel like I'm constantly sniffling or sneezing. My feet have been swelling a lot too. I've also started to experience some back pain too.  Good Symptoms - My skin is glowing and is less oily than usual & my body hair grows back in slower..yay less shaving!!!

Belly button in or out? In..for now!

Wedding rings on or off? Still on.

Happy or moody most of the time: Moody!!! Lack of sleep and a few stressful events have made me Mrs. Crabby this week.
Looking forward to: Taking a breastfeeding classes this week.


  1. Cutest belly ever. By the way, if you haven't gotten stretch marks by now, you'll probably never get them. Lucky girl.
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    1. Thank you!! Really..?? I thought I would get them later..


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