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Gratitude Monday

-I am grateful for my amazing husband. He gives me foot rubs, listens to me complain, and sits in hours of traffic with me. We sat in hours of traffic on Saturday that made me very late for a bridal shower, but we didn't get cranky with each other at all. Now that's love..for me

-I am grateful for my in laws who treat me just like one of their own. I understand and appreciate how rare this is and I love them so much for it. 

-I am grateful to my mother who listens to all of pregnancy concerns without making me feel like I'm crazy for having them. 

-I am grateful for the healthy baby growing inside of my tummy. Seeing her move around is truly a beautiful experience. 

-I'm grateful to all of the brave mothers who put their childbirth videos on Youtube, it shows me how truly beautiful the whole experience is.

What are you grateful for?


  1. you are from Latin america right and your husband?

    I'm happy for the thins you are thankful for.

    I'm do my gratitude almost each day. Need to make it a habit

    1. I am Puerto Rican and Dominican & my husband's family is from Ireland. Making gratitude a habit is so important...

    2. Big difference in cultures :) big combo

    3. Actually they are quite similar! We both grew up Catholics and went to 12+ years of Catholic school. We believe that family is #1 so that helps too. Plus both cultures are known for their The only real differences are the food, but hubby prefers the food from my culture. :)


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