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Gratitude Monday

I was told by many people that "if you wait until everything is perfect then you will never have a baby". Meaning there will always be some type of obstacle that will make you feel like the time isn't right. This year is BUSY!!! We have two family weddings & the parties that go along with them. Several baby showers. And of course our beautiful baby girl coming at the end of this year. While things do feel hectic and there are several days that I feel quite stressed I know that I am blessed!! I am lucky to have my health, family, and friends. I am lucky to have a job, a roof over my head, and food to eat every day. And of course my husband and baby.

I am also VERY lucky to have such wonderful readers who leave inspiring comments.
Note: Baby gave a HARD kick after I finished typing that, I will take that as she agrees with me. :)

Thank you!! 

Note: Regular blogging should return within 2 weeks.


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