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HUGE Beauty Haul

On June 1st I was able to spend the day exactly how all beauty bloggers dream of - makeup shopping and eating with other beauty bloggers!!! I meet up with Mel from Fabulously Thrifty and Vanessa who's blog used to be Van's Makeup Ride. Vanessa and her hubby came all the way from Texas and were incredibly sweet!!

Before the shopping even began Vanessa gave me the goodies below. Our first baby presents!! So sweet!! There's also a cute makeup bag with my name on it, aloe socks, a friendship statement, amazing smelling soap, and a necklace/earring combo. 

Our first stop after food was Ricky's. We didn't buy a whole lot since they do tend to be a bit overpriced, but a few goodies did come home with me. Kiss My Face Shaving cream, Alba sunscreen, Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, and Ben Nye Banana Powder. Mel bought the powder and we bought containers so we could all share the powder since there is a ton of product in one bottle!! Vanessa's hubby was nice enough to put the powder in containers for us while we walked around Ulta.

The next stop was the Face Shop which I think of as Skin Care Many face masks and skin care goodies were bought here! Sebum Soothing Mask, Oil Control Film, Oil Control Essence, & Pomade for Wavy Hair. The Face Shop is always very generous with their samples and this visit was no exception! I received samples for acne face wash, primer, highlighter, & lotion.

The next stop was Nature Republic, it's another skin care heaven! My haul here was very tiny since I have several items I am still trying to use up at home. Aloe Soothing Gel, Hydrogel Eye Patch, & a nose strip.

Next stop was Mitsuwa, as much fun as this store is to look at it's overwhelming to choose a product if you can't speak the language. I bought the Bioderma makeup remover which was WAY overpriced, but I figured the cost would be the same if I bought it online when you include shipping. I also bought green tea and dark chocolate kit kats, a foot mask, and my FAVORITE hair pins.

Our last stop of the day was Ulta, where apparenly I was an "enabler" I bought the it's a 10 leave in product (which I love), Nip + Fab CC Cream, and finally the Ecotools bronzer brush that I have been wanting for ages!!

Please watch the video below if you would like a closer look at any of these products! What is the last beauty item you hauled?


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