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Whipped Body Goods

I heard about Whipped Body Goods on Instagram and I knew I needed to give them a try immediately! Whipped body goods is a premier line of luxury butters, oils and cremes designed to moisturize & condition even the driest among us.- From Whipped website

Here are the four items I bought for the hubby & myself.
Hair Butter - I love to use this to tame frizz and to smooth out ponytails and buns. Despite that this is made of shea butter it doesn't weigh my hair down at all. Note: This would probably weigh down the hair of those with fine hair. 
Body Butter Coconut Cookie - I wish I bought this sooner!! This moisturizes my skin without feeling heavy, but it does leave a slight sheen on my skin. I love the sheen it leaves on my skin, but I know this is not for everyone. I know I'm going to love using this in the summer on my legs.
Scalp Therapy - This is made to relieve dry and tight scalps. I love to use this on my scalp before I deep clean my hair. This product makes sure that my hair gets clean without stripping my scalp of the oils it needs.
Beard Butter - I bought this for the hubby (obviously) and he loves it & so do I. His beard feels softer and this helps hold down those stray hairs that can sometimes pop up and look out of place.

Here is a picture from the Whipped site so you can see what the products look like.

You can buy Whipped Body Goods here -


  1. They look tasty!! lol

    I love buying handmade goodies too :)

  2. These sound and look delicious!

    I love that you buy handmade xx


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