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The All Natural Face Vegan Foundation/Concealer

I'm am always on the hunt for a new foundation/concealer that matches my skin tone. I feel like if I even think about the sun my face gets a shade darker and I have to look for a new foundation/concealer. Here is my newest foundation/concealer love.
From The All Natural Face website
A lot of folks have asked and we listened. The other formula was dense and had dense coverage. With the new formula you won't lose any of the coverage but the application is much creamier and feels just wonderful!
Now you can get your foundation color in a great cream pot! Offered in every color of foundation. Incredibly easy to travel with, fits in your purse or pocket! Never leave home without it!
This pot has replaced the stick. The pot makes for easier application and the formula is now a little creamier. Comes in a 10 gram pot or a 20 gram pot. Each pot also has a puff for application.
The foundation can be used as a concealer or as a foundation. You get fantastic coverage with this formula!
ingredients: organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil,candelillia wax, mica, oxides, tuitanium dioxide and zinc oxide(sunscreens) 

Cremy Honey & Tupelo Honey
In the jar the colors look quite similar, but the swatches tell a different story.

Cremy Honey & Tupelo Honey Swatches
I bought Cremy Honey first thinking it would be a perfect match, but it's too dark for me right now. I think Cremy Honey will be a perfect match come summer. Tupelo Honey is currently my perfect match.

I use this foundation/concealer all over my face, but especially on pimples. 

Warning the picture below isn't pretty, but it does show how well this works!

Before - Bare face.  I'm sorry this picture is a bit washed out, but you can see the pimples and that's what counts.

After - Concealed. No powder. The concealer can't make the bump disappear (obviously), but the redness is gone.

I find that this foundation/concealer works best when I use my fingers or a damp beauty blender sponge, when I used a brush with this it was just streaky and didn't blend well. This works best when it is warmed up first. Those with dry skin will love the moisture the jojoba oil and argan oil add to their skin. This is not a greasy product, but those with combination to oily skin will NEED to set this with a powder. I love that even though the coverage of this can be full it never feels heavy or cakey on my face. For $6.50 I see myself buying this over and over again!

The only downside to this item is that it is not sold in stores and the names are a bit deceiving. However there is a large color selection and I'm sure most people will be able to find their color. I highly suggest buying the $4.80 sample packet that contains all of the colors in your skin range to help you get the perfect color match.

What's your favorite foundation and/or concealer..?


  1. hehe Cremy honey - I feel like it should be creamy :P My favorite foundation is the same as yours! :D

    1. I agree!! My spell check was not happy as I typed this post. :)

  2. I'm having difficulty finding a match with all of these samples..but I'm determined! Have you used this on your under eye area?

    1. Yes. It works great there too, you just need to set it with powder.

  3. Thanks for sharing and demonstration, I never heard of this company but after seeing your post I am surely going to get some to try out I can see this being one I will really Love too


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