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Going Green - Some of My Favorite & Affordable All Natural Products

I've gotten a few requests for my favorite all natural items and how I use them. Here it goes!

Baking Soda
I use this twice a week to exfoliate my face. My face is really sensitive and this is the only product I've ever used that exfoliates my face without making my face red at all. I apply a tablespoon to a damp face and rub in circles for 30 seconds and rinse. That's it! I don't plan on going back to 'regular' exfoliators. 

Organic Coconut Oil
This has so many uses!! I use this on my scalp for dandruff. I use this as a deep conditioner since my hair loves protein. I use this on dry spots on my body. When in doubt I just put coconut oil on a problem..haha!

Organic Raw Honey
I've been using this as a facial mask for years! Honey draws the impurities out and locks moisture in, which has been perfect for this very cold winter we are having here. The key to making sure this is easy to work with is using it on a damp face. I promise that this will rinse right off!

Jojoba Oil
Another product with so many uses! I use this on dry scalp, the ends of my hair, to remove makeup, & on dry spots on my face.  Did you know Jojoba Oil is very similar to sebum (human skin oil)? Meaning if you have oily skin you can trick your face into thinking you've produced enough oil if you apply a little bit of this to your face. Goodbye grease ball!!

What are some of your favorite all natural products?


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