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My Makeup Collection

A few weeks go I went to NY to pick up some MUJI drawers and I am in love!!These drawers allow you to see everything at once and the drawers are so thin that it doesn't allow you to stack much, making sure that things don't become cluttered or unorganized.

This is what my makeup area with the muji cases now looks like. 
You can buy the 5 drawer case by Muji here - Acrylic case 5 drawers.

My Face Products. 

My Lip Products.

My Cheek Products.

My Eye Products.

More Eye Products.

Please watch the video below to see my makeup collection up close and personal!


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    1. LOL Most of the comments on my video are how my stash is relate-able and not as big as most of the YouTube world..

  2. Love your stash! I definitely saw a lot of products that I have too :) Those clear plastic drawers are awesome.


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