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All Natural Face Haul Part 2

My quest to go all natural is definitely being fueled by all of the amazing products that The All Natural Face Company sells! They have a wide variety of items that are REALLY affordable. Here are the things I purchased on my 2nd and 3rd order, my 4th order should be delivered today. :)

Sweet Jasmine Facial Cleansing Cream and Makeup Remover, Monoi Tiara Tahitian Gardenia Body Oil, & Aloe Vera Gel for the hubby.

Facial Cleansing Cream and Makeup Remover
This is like a cold cream, but it doesn't irritate my face at all. This is great if you wear really light makeup, but for me it doesn't remove everything.

Monoi Tiara Tahitian Gardenia Body Oil -
This smells heavenly!!! If you like the smell of gardenias then you will love this. I've actually been using this as a light perfume, I think the smell would overwhelm me if I used this all over my body. The oil does harden in cold temperatures and liquify in warmer temperatures so you have to be careful when you open the container on hot days or else you will have a big mess on your hands. 
Organic Vinegar Cleansing, Vegan Hair Serum Silky Tresses, and Natural Oil Makeup Remover
Organic Vinegar Cleansing - This is supposed to give your hair a great shine, but I haven't tried it yet.
Vegan Hair Serum Silky Tresses - The broccoli seed oil in this acts like a silicone, but it's not a silicone. This is a really good product and it does work like a silicone for me, but the all natural argan oil smell is not appealing to me.
Natural Oil Makeup Remover - I bought this to replace my Boscia Cleansing oil when I'm done with it. 

Vegan Lip Balm in Rose Gold, Tangerine Lip Exfoliant, & Foundation/Concealer in Tupelo Honey
Vegan Lip Balm in Rose Gold - This is a dark rust color that is just so pretty!
Tangerine Lip Exfoliant - Freebie! This exfoliant smells and tastes like heaven and makes my lips really soft. 
Foundation/Concealer in Tupelo Honey - I've finally found my match!! I love this for concealing pimples and redness on my face.

Lipstick Sampler Set
I love that this site gives you a chance to sample so many products before you buy them!

What's your favorite all natural brand?


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