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Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder Review

I'm back with ANOTHER review!!! This time I'm reviewing the new Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (Sun Beige) and Powder (Medium/Deep)

Makeup so refreshingly light it melts right in, creating a fresh, even look. Pressed powder blends seamlessly with a lightweight feel.

Bare Face

The foundation really is a lightweight foundation that blends into your skin beautifully. I feel like I don't have anything on my face when I wear this. If you are looking for a foundation to cover acne/scars this isn't you, the coverage is buildable to medium coverage. If you're looking for a nice lightweight foundation that gives your skin a nice even and glowy appearance I recommend this. If you have oily skin you will NEED to set your face with powder after applying this. I recommend this foundation to all skin types.

With Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
Note - Flash Used. 
This foundation does have a SPF 20 in it so there is a white cast when taking pictures with flash. 

With Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
Note - No Flash

Revlon Nearly Naked Powder

My favorite way to use these products is together. I apply the foundation and then use the powder to set it.

With Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation & Powder
Note - Flash Used

With Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation & Powder
Note - No Flash

This powder is amazing!! I've never truly understood when people said that a powder feels like silk, NOW I get it!!! This powder is so light that it doesn't feel or look like a powder on your skin at all. I've used this on it's own and with other foundations and it is just amazing! The powder itself provides a nice light coverage and it never makes your face look cakey or powdery. This powder helps my foundation last many hours.

Overall I highly recommend BOTH products, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the powder!

Please watch the video below for a full review and demo!

Will you be trying the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and/or Powder?


  1. Did you find the color match for both products to be true to your skin tone or were they on the dark side? I have been hearing the colors run darker and one should buy a shade lighter.

    1. I found the opposite to be true. I thought Sun Beige would be a good match based on the bottle, but it's tad light on my skin. The medium/deep powder helps me correct the color difference though.

    2. I wouldn't recommend just wearing a lighter foundation but with the powder on top, your skin has a very lit-from-within flawless look. I personally(when I'm going out 'cause my skin is blessfully going through a "good" phase) like to use L'oreal Paris's True Match Lumi foundation a bit lighter(I'm in between shades, anyway) and this powder and, in pictures, my skin looks all glowey and radiant.

  2. I had not heard of these products before this morning on a blog and now I keep reading great things about them! I do love Revlon so I'm curious!

  3. I think you look better without the makeup on! perhaps you just need a better colormatch!

  4. Your so attractive, and thanks for the review! xx


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