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Gratitude Monday

Happy Monday!!!!

I hope you all are grateful for something today. I've been especially cranky lately so maybe writing this list will help me get out of it!

I am grateful for..

1. A hubby that still writes me notes. He has nice handwriting, right? I posted this on facebook and that's the main response it received, besides awww..

2. This guy. Is this what it's like to be a parent..?? We torture him (by putting sweaters on him!) and then taking   5 minutes after the picture on the left was taken he was loving that sweater!! The picture on the right was taken after I finished doing my makeup, he jumped right on the seat and waited patiently for me to do his

3.Throwback Thursday. Yes I know that seeing TON of old pictures spamming your timeline (facebook and instagram) can be annoying, but I decided to join in and came across this picture. This is my mom and I are my high school graduation. I love this picture.

Writing this list does make me feel slightly less cranky..

What are you grateful for..?? 


  1. awwww foe your husband
    and hahahaa you cat looks always annoyed heheh :)

  2. Your hubby sounds really sweet. Nothing more personal -- and romantic -- than a hand written message.

  3. I love your gratitude monday posts. :)
    I wish my hubby still wrote me notes like that! He has way nicer handwriting than I do.
    Your cat is so cute! Mine would rip that sweater apart. lol.
    & you and your mom look beautiful!


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~Mother Teresa~

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