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Flower Cosmetics by Drew Barrymore Haul

I did it!! I hauled some items from the new collection Flower by Drew Barrymore.

Here are the goodies I bought.

Nail Polish $4.98
May Flowers, Venus Fly Trap, & Cosmos-Politan

Creme Blush $7.98
Peach Blossom

Loose Powder $9.98
LO2 Medium

Zoom-In Ultimate Waterproof Mascara $7.98
Intense Black

Beauty Balm BB Cream $12.98
BB3 Shade 3

Please watch the video below to see my first reaction.


  1. Loving that cream blush, I wonder if it's sheer or true to pigment..

  2. great haul you have there I liked venus trap , pls make a swatch of it wanna see it :)

  3. Your reaction to the packaging on that loose powder! LOL priceless hahaha I reacted the same way too. I thought it was gonna be like a giant tub of powder but then it's just this dinky little container. Still, I kinda want it =)

  4. What did you think of the BB cream? Was it greasy? Does it have SPF??

    1. I like it so far. It is not greasy at all!! The exact opposite actually, I find it to be a bit thick and a little dry. I use a bit of lotion to make it apply a little better. This does not have SPF in it.

  5. Got a few products from this new line and so far they have been great.

  6. So disappointed that this collection is only being sold in Walmart. I will NEVER set foot in a Walmart store, therefore, won't get to try these great new products.

    1. You could just buy the items you want online.

  7. I love her line I bought allot of different products and was so amazed everything i used the prices are awesome quality is high end compared to I mean she's really did her home work and was hand on with this making of the line un like so many others who slap their name on something Drew helped in the whole process that's why it's so amazing


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