Friday, December 21, 2012

27 Acts of Kindness

I've been very depressed since last Friday. The news of what happened in Newtown, CT has left me very sad. I can't imagine what the families of the victims are dealing with. The fear the victims must have faced brings tears to my eyes. In honor of all of those victims my husband and I are going to be participating in 27 Random Acts of Kindness (note: many people are participating in 26 random acts of kindness, I am included the shooter's mother as a victim). 

Here are some ideas I've come up with so far..
1. Put candy on someone's windshield.
2. Buy $5 gift cards to Dunkin Donuts and hand them out.
3. Leave exact change for the wash in the laundromat.
4. Put together bags of necessities for homeless people we come across. 
(hand warmers, socks, water, protein bars, food)
5. Put quarters in candy machines.
6. Give a waiter/waitress a very generous tip.
7. Pay the toll for the person behind us.
8. Donate to Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims Relief Fund.
9.  Leave a nice note on a stranger's car.
10. Compliment a stranger.

I am posting this to encourage you all to do something for a random person today.

If you have any ideas for random acts of kindness please post them below.