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Gratitude Monday

Happy Monday!! 
Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week..?? This year has truly flown by!!! 
I know Monday often gives us trouble, but I like to start my Mondays with a list of things that I am grateful for. I find that these lists really improve my attitude and allow me to always look for things to be grateful for. 

Here is my list for today...
1. The hubby & I battled the Saturday crowd at Costco for....cookies and  Their holiday cookies and chocolate are worth battling those yummy!
2. My niece and nephew in their Halloween costumes. She was a monster and he was a Special Ops guy. Halloween was postponed till November 5th here in NJ because of the hurricane.
3. My other niece Mia finally let me brush her hair and without all of her hair in her face she looks like such a big girl!!!!
4. Spanish food is comfort food to me and yesterday after MANY years of trying I finally got my arroz con gandules to taste just like my mom's...yay!!

What are you grateful for..??


  1. Im grateful for all the above as well as and most importantly, YOU! Its all the little things you do for us that I will always be grateful for. I love you babes

  2. Replies
    1. I am Grateful for my parents , my Boyfriend, My Doggy, for loving me and and that I can love them.

      Grateful that I have a great job with the kids at the after school day care, I'm a teacher. I'm grateful for those kids.

      I'm grateful that I can get safe home , after driving. ( we have allot of crazy drivers over here).

      Grateful That we can , eat , have food.

      I'm grateful that we have electricity, clothes, and water to drink, a roof to live in, a bed , a car.

      I'm grateful that we can breathe.

      I'm grateful I can be online and read so much stuff about make up and personal care , cooking and pets.

      I'm grateful to God, that we can learn from our mistakes. And that he has helped us along the way.

      I am grateful that my heart is still Big.
      I am grateful that I have the heart to feel for others, when they are happy or sad , I'm grateful I can shed a tear when I see good people happy for something positive, I'm grateful to see the joy in Pets when they see their owners, I'm grateful I can feel pain when others are in pain. There is people who is incapable to feel happiness or pain for others.

      I thank each day for every single little thing, that doesn't seem like big but it is.

    2. That's a GREAT list of things to be grateful for. =)


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