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Summer Hair 101

Today it's supposed to reach 100+ degrees with plenty of humidity. That means that I spent at least 5 minutes in my bathroom this morning trying to trick my hair into a bun. I'm not sure why, but I've never been able to master the process of a bun. I KNOW the steps, but I can't seem to get it work for me. I always have all these extra hairs sticking out and not in that cute "I did it on purpose" way.

Here are a few videos that could have helped me this am..

5 Easy Heatless Updos/Buns
She makes these buns look so easy!! I will be giving a few of these a try this summer.

Bobby Pin 101
Another issue I have with buns is that I seem to go through a WHOLE pack of bobby pins before I manage to keep the bun in place. Daven shows you how to hold a bun with ONE bobby pin!

Stay cool today and put your hair up in a bun!!


  1. I like the bobby pin video (thanks for sharing that). I gave up on bobby pins a long time ago. I've been using the Goody Spin Pins, and one or two usually will keep my hair up all day. But I'll try the bobby pins again.

  2. the buns in the first video look simple enough to do, might have to give those a try! I'm purposefully keeping my hair long through the summer so I can pile my hair up in buns when the weather gets warm!


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