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How to Get Your Makeup Brushes REALLY Clean

Happy Friday!!!
Every weekend without fail my makeup brushes get a DEEP cleaning. Lately I've been having a problem getting my Sigma Synthetic brushes clean, it doesn't seem to matter what I do they have a slight orange tinge from my foundation when I'm done cleaning them. Of course this lead me to YouTube to try and find a video that would help me with this problem. Ding! Ding!! I found one!!


Michelle uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil & dish soap to clean her brushes and it REALLY works. You dip your brush in the evoo and then in the dish soap, you move the brush in a circular motion on the palm of your hand to work up a good lather, and then rinse. In the end my brushes were softer and cleaner than I have ever been able to get them. Note: I did try using regular face wash and Dr. Bronner's soap, but dish soap worked MUCH better.

How do you wash your brushes?


  1. I did a search one time for this and ran across this video as well. It worked well for me too :)

  2. Omg, I saw this video about 2 years ago and I tried it, I ruined over 6 brushes, and they were just so oily and bad.
    i just always use baby shampoo or mac brush cleaner.

  3. Hi Margret!! I think you have to be careful what type of brushes you use this with, this works best on synthetic brushes. I only use this on my Sigma synthetic brushes.


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