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Maybelline Great Lash - Lots of Lashes

I've never been a fan of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and I honestly never understood the hype. I'm suddenly singing a different tune with this Lots of Lashes!! 

I don't think the formula is any different, but the wand it comes with sure is!! I love how this brush is shaped!! It allows you to reach each and every single lash!!

 Just one coat!!

Lengthens lashes. 
VERY black color. 
No clumps.
Able to coat every lash with this applicator.
You can add as many coats as you want without looking like spider lady.

Only con is that this can begin to flake after SEVERAL (7-8) hours of wear, nothing major though!

I have a new appreciation for a classic.

Have you tried this mascara?


  1. wow :O that looks amazing, thanks for reviewing hun x

  2. They've changed the brush! Your lashes look incredible!!

  3. Thanks!
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  4. This reminds me of my younger years with mom.    Your lashes look great :)


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