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Michael Kors Lust List

When I'm bored I like to peruse the Michael Kors website, the classic style and shapes really appeal to me when it comes to purses. 
Here are two of the things I'm currently lusting at the moment.

I think this little guy is genius!!! If only it had a spot for lipgloss it would be perfect!!

  Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote
I need this, it just oozes chic.

What clothing/fashion sites do you look at when you're bored??


  1. Have you seen the zip around iPhone wallet? I'm lemming over that one. Heard it fits a thinner tubed lip gloss. 

  2. I want!!!!
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  3. That iPhone case is GENIUS! I must look for it!

  4. Good Morning Luv...Dont buy this one get the one with the zipper! It was given to me as a present and its ok I think the one with the zipper will be made better. One con if you like to take pics with your iphone you have to take it out of the MK case (sucks).

  5. Thanks for letting me know!
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