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YouTube Tuesday 12/13/11

My favorite YouTube videos of this week. 

That's Just Ghetto!!
Come on you know you see a lot of ghetto things!! Latoya just points them out and makes them funny.

How to Prevent Undereye Concealer from Creasing - Sam Fine & recorded my Makeup by Ren Ren
This man knows what he's talking about!! I really want to get his video that's on now.

My Pet Owl "Dumbo"
She has an owl as a pet!!! He's so cute too. 
I wonder if I can convince the hubby to let me have one too..haha!

What were some of your favorite YouTube videos this week?


  1. the owl video is so cute! hmm how would dom react to having a new roommate? 

  2. I'm pretty sure he would think the owl is his new too, pretty sure that wouldn't work out too well...


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