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A L'oreal Kind of Day

The other day I was taking a stroll through my local Harmons (beauty drugstore) & picked up some goodies, only to realize when I got home that all of the items were L'oreal products. Odd..
What I picked up: Balm in Caramel Comfort, Healthy Look Hair Color, MagicLumi Concealer in Medium.

Somehow the hair dye made it to my closet, but not onto my hair yet.

This new concealer with illuminating particles just doesn't work for me. I love that it's in a pen form and the packaging is SO pretty, those are the only pros to this product.

Oh where or where are the illuminating particles?!? I found this concealer to be a bit thin and the color just wasn't right. I recommend this product for those that don't have much to conceal, everyone else just stay away! I disliked this so much that I returned it.

Balm w/ SPF 15 in Caramel Comfort. I thought this would be a similar product to the Revlon lip butters, but I was wrong. These balms are actually BALMS, they aren't very pigmented but they do hydrate your lips. Don't tell anyone, but I like these better than the Revlon lip butters. *hides*

I must say the packaging is quite chic.

Look at what a pretty tint this leaves behind! If you're looking for a new tinted lip balm I would recommend this one!

What was your last drugstore purchase?


  1. One hit and one fail that is not bad going. The balm looks wondersome much x

  2. I need to get to the Drug Store, pronto!! I need to refuel my supplies!

  3. The lip balm is so pretty! I'd love to see how it looks like on your lips~

  4. I will post a picture soon!
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  5. so i saw the illuminator/concealer and the balm. to my luck, some invader opened an illuminator so i tried it on the back of my hand.. it didn't look special (similar to your experience) so i didn't buy it...glad i didn't!   it migt be like the covergirl queen concealers... it appears to be for ppl that don't generally wear makeup and can swipe and go to brighten a tad without the look of makeup OR after applying your foundation, you want a bit of brightener in the corner  of your eye(under the tear duct)...i'll go back for the balm! thanks!!  ON SECOND THOUGHT the concealer is starting to appeal to me.. can you believe i've been trying to perfect a polished look without concealer? typing that question doesn't even feel right, but i have. brows, powder, mascara and gloss, the slightest touch of bronzer has been a routine as of late. . i've been so used to heavy, highlighting concealer i didn't give those concealers thought, but i'm thinking they may just work with my no makeup, makeup look..THOUGH i'm sure i have something in my stash already that i can experiment with. =p sorry for the super long comment. lol


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