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Old Navy Haul

This weekend Old Navy was having some AMAZING sales. On Saturday ALL Adult coats were 75% off & Sunday all adult sweaters were 75% off. I picked up some things from BOTH sales. Now I tried taking pictures last night of what I bought, but my tired face just brought down the whole mood of the pictures. Instead I borrowed the images from the Old Navy site, I hope that's ok with you!

Let's begin with the coats..

Meet my new work/fancy coat.The pattern is so pretty in person, it's black and white checkers.

My new every day coat, I love the red toggle buttons! 

 Note: I do own one red winter coat, so I promise to add it into the rotation with this grey coats. I won't be gloomy EVERY day..hehe

On to the sweaters....

I can never have enough cardigans!! I bought this cardigan in red and yellow. 

I bought this sweater in beige and pink, it reminds me of a candy cane. 
 Some of the sweaters I bought I wasn't able to find on the website.

I also picked up these boots, I think they will be perfect for frolicking in the snow. Although I don't usually frolic, but they will be good for walking to the

In total I bought 2 coats, 6 sweaters, and 1 pair of boots - Total cost $130!!

Have you encountered any good deals lately?


  1. Amazing haul!! Well done!!

  2. Thanks!
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  3. Great haul.  My fave is most definitely the first.  If only us Hawaii girls could wear coats like that without melting.

  4. I wish I didn't have to wear coats or sweaters! I hate the winter. Want to trade? Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  5. it's funny cuz i'm just NOW getting into cardigans! and that one u just bought is sooo cute, i have to head over to Old Navy now!


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