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This is How Scary Movies Start

In case you didn't know, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. You get to dress up and fill your belly with all types of candy - what's not to like?!? To get us in the Halloween spirit the hubby & I decided to go to a corn maze, a first for both of us. We drove an hour to get there and as soon as we arrived at the town, I had a major creepy feeling!! The day was overcast and chilly and it just added to the Halloween mood. 

This is the first house we saw when we arrived at the farm. 
Looks like it belongs on the set of a scary movie, right?

Since it was a farm, they did have all types of animals. 

Meet BABE!!!! Lalalalala!! He was super stinky, but I still feel in love.  <3

This little guy LOVED having his picture taken..what a cutie!! 

Ok, enough making friends...we're here for the corn maze!!
According to the website, if you get lost you would end up walking over 3 miles!!!

They gave us a VERY complicated map. 
The only thing it was actually useful as was to be raised as a flag if you got lost. 

This is what we're dealing with people!! 
The corn stalks were over 8 feet tall.

Hubby let me lead the way. err..dunno if that was a good idea!..

We found the middle point after 15 minutes of walking and decided to snap a picture. 

The further we got into the maze the more complicated it got. 
Certain rows were dead ends and you found yourself walking in circles. 
Here I am with our map -"lost".

We were in there for a while and the hubby got hungry. 
Corn anyone?

We managed to get out of the maze in about 30 minutes, not bad for newbies!!

We were greeted by another horror movie house when we got out of the maze.

This farm also had pumpkin picking so after our corn maze adventure we decided to take one of these little guys home with us. 

The hubby took some 'oh so flattering' pictures of me while we carved our pumpkin, but since this is a 'beauty' blog I decided to spare you guys the
This is the first pumpkin I ever carved & of course I had to carve an owl.

And since someone was acting like a MAJOR jelly belly while we carved the pumpkin we took some pictures of Dom. Dom says hi & meow!!!

What do you do to get into the Halloween spirit?


  1. cute pictures..the maze looks like alot of fun..ur cat is adorable

  2. Thanks!

    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  3. God you wouldn't catch me any where near that house! Very cute pumpkin you ended up with though :D 

    See halloween is a rather mellow event for us here in Norway (Unless you include the mass of people drinking at halloween parties - Which really is just an excuse to drink not celebrate halloween in my opinion hehe) I wish it was bigger and more celebrated to be honest!

  4. that looks cool! would you go at night? bwaahahaha! 
    i love to carve a pumpkin, roast the seeds, watch the charlie brown special, and eat lots of candy!

  5. I love scary things so I would love to go at night, not sure if I could convince the hubby though. Lol I love the Charlie Brown pumpkin movie. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  6. OMG!!OMG!!!! Tammy!!! I would have LOVED to have gone here with you!!

  7. looks like it was a alot of fun! that house definitely creeps me out, haha. I typically stay in on halloween and watch the great pumpkin, charlie brown or nightmare before christmas. dom's such a cutie! 

  8. Thanks for sharing! Dom is adorable! We're in Muscat right now - I wonder if we'll get any trick or treaters!

  9. Muah! Great post babes! I think The Great Pumpkin is on tonight! Maybe we have some punk beer and watch! Love you!

  10. Sounds like a plan babes! Love you!
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