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How to Build a Light Box for Better Pictures

Many of you have noticed an improvement in my blog pictures and that makes me VERY happy. Here's how I've improved my picture quality without buying a new camera or any other expensive equipment.

What you will need: a box (at least 12 inches by 12 inches - bought this box at Home Depot for $.75), a measuring tape/ruler, tape, scissors/box cutter, tape, a white sheet, & 2 or 3 lamps.

Let's begin!

Tape the bottom of the box closed.

Cut off the flaps at the top of the box.

It should look like this now.

Measure an inch border on the top, left, and right side of the box - then cut!! You are cutting into the center of the box, and results should leave you with 'windows' to look into the box.

Once you're done cutting, it should look like this.

Place a white sheet over all of the 'windows' and tape it to the box -you can also use fabric glue or velcro for this.

Here is what the finished light box should look like. It's not pretty, but it will do the job.

Place a paper inside of the box to use as your background, I used tissue paper. Then place a lamp on either side of the box, and one on top too if you like. Dom refused to let me take a picture of the light box once it was done, I think he thinks this is his personal studio. You get the idea though..

 Here are some recent pictures I've taken using the light box. 

Do you have a light box? Have I inspired you to make one of your own? 


  1. Thanks!
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  2. Brilliant idea my dear Tammy!

  3. Thank you!
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  4. Very nice! I may have to build one. Thanks for the tip!

  5. what a great idea! Thanks for the tip! Your cat is cute too!

  6. Thanks!
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  7. Thank you so much for doing this! <3

  8. You're welcome.
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