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Covergirl Lipstick in Elegant Nude | #covergirl #drugstorebeauty

EOS Lotions

I know many of us are deeply in love with the EOS sphere lip balms, but have you tried anything else from the EOS line? I currently have the shaving lotion in my closet just begging to be tested soon & just the other day I came across these EOS lotions at Rite Aid. Guess where I found them..?? On CLEARANCE for 50% off!! Pardon me, but didn't these come out not too long ago??? I'm really hoping that EOS just has some new packaging in mind for these products, and not that they intend to get rid of these products.
I found both of these lotions to be lightweight yet moisturizing and they sink right into your skin, no waiting around for it to dry. I personally think this is the perfect lotion for summer. 

Have you tried these EOS lotions..??
If not, run to your local Rite Aid and get these on clearance while you can!


  1. I have heard good reviews about the shaving cream!

  2. I've been using their shaving cream in pomegranate/raspberry for couple of months now and I LOVE it!!! It smells amazing, conditions my skin perfectly which results in super smooth shaving! What else can a girl ask for?? Hope you like it too!


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