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My First Cruise - Carnival Glory

Note: This is a personal entry and is VERY picture heavy.

While the hubby & I have been officially back since Monday, my mind doesn't seem to be aware of it yet & it's still on vacation.  ;)

Here are some bits and pieces from our Carnival Cruise to Canada.
My first drink on the boat. The boat didn't even leave NY yet and we had drinks in our hand, that's how we roll..hehe!

Making friends with the casino camels for luck.

The Amber Palace. We attended a few things here - a marriage game & bingo, both were surprisingly fun!! 
Since this was my first cruise I was in awe of all of the things the boat had.

The view as we were leaving NY.

Passed an old friend..

Night 1 - They had free shot samples so of course your dear friend had to grab a few. Two for me and none for you.

Our first towel animal. A dog..?? Whatever it is, it made me miss Dom something fierce that first night.

Day 2 - The drink special was something in this cute monkey container. Yes, we were suckers and bought some of the souvenir stuff. We were on vacation, it's what you're supposed to do!! hehe!

Look spiffy for formal dinner.

Night 2 - we went to the comedy club on the boat.

2nd towel animal - elephant.

Day 3 - We arrived at Saint John. We did a short trolley tour, but for the most part we walked around and explored the town ourselves. We did go to a local market and some local bars too.

The Bay of Fundy

We walked into a few random souvenir our captain hats??

The bear and I were having a moment...

Towel animal #3 - Polar Bear

The final night they gave up heart towels.

So sad to leave..

Notes for 1st time Carnival Cruisers
  • If you choose to have a formal dinner in the dining rooms, you are free to choose more than one thing (two appetizers, two entrees, two dinners). This is good to keep in mind, because the entrees were quite small.
  • Don't expect to sleep a lot. I swear there was some type of announcement every hour, it didn't matter what time of day it was!!
  • You will need patience for the breakfast/lunch buffets, the lines get long!
  • Drinks get expensive!!! You do have the option of bringing some alcohol on board and saving yourself some $$.
  • Take advantage of the free shows on the boat, they can be quite entertaining.
  • The average cruiser gains 1.5 pounds a day, enjoy it!! Worry about your diet when you get back home.
Kudos to any of you who read this whole entry..hehe!  <3


  1. giiiirl i <3 how u drink we could totally be drinking buddies if we lived in the same city! LOL looks like u had so much fun! i wanna go on a cruise one day! haven't been on ur blog in a while and im loving this layout!

  2. LOL we could!! If you go on a cruise, book it a year ahead of time - it's super cheap that way.

  3. What a fab post Tammy! It looks like you had a marvellous time. I like the towel origami :) Two for me none for you!! You are so my kinda gal x


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