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Bronx Zoo Trip

Note: This is a scheduled post. I should be on my cruise to Canada by the time you read this. =)

Last weekend hubby and I decided to take advantage of some freebies we had available to us and go to the Bronx Zoo. Bank of America customers get free admission to many museums/zoos the first full weekend of the month. =)

I am really short compared to this tiger!!

A polar bear and his fish 'friend'.

This peacock was just walking around the zoo looking for food. 

I swear this monkey posed just for me. So cute!!

Another poser!! This is a leaf turtle. Did you know turtles are some of my favorite animals?

The giraffes getting their tan on!

The cuddling lions.

These little guys were so cute!! At one point another monkey jumped inbetween them and put his arms around them and he was ready for a pic!! I tried my best to capture it, but I was too slow.

I will leave you with a random picture the hubby and I took.

When's the last time you went to the zoo?


  1. I love the zoo! Been ages since I've been.

  2. i've lived in ny all my life and i still haven't went to the bronx zoo

  3. You should go! Its so pretty!
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  4. I always love the zoo - great pics btw. Hope you are enjoying your trip!

  5. Never in my entire safari mad life have I ever seen giraffes lounging about like that! I suppose they can relax in the zoo as their natural predators are not lurking with rumbling tums?

    I am looking forward to more of your pics xx

  6. lol these were very peaceful giraffes!


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